Meditation Chamber

This project was part of a school assignment where we were tasked with choosing a specialization and learning more about our discipline. Being interested in environment art and architecture, I decided to dive deeper into it by designing and creating this scene here.

Aside from learning how to design more interesting and visually pleasing architecture, I also learned more about optimizing scenes and materials. Thanks to the marvelous technique known as "trim sheets", I managed to pack everything in this scene on just one texture, something I had never tried before.

Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00022
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00023
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00026
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00027
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00024
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00025
Joseph stameus sheet

Everything in this scene was mapped to this 2048x4096 texture sheet.