Bloody Battle Axe

Recently I’ve had this burning desire to make props. I’ve also felt like I want to try making more stylized assets. Naturally, I decided to do both and make a giant axe. A low-poly, stylized axe, to be precise. Under 1k tris and only a 1024x1024 base color was the limit I set for myself. The texture is a mix of hand painted details and baked maps from a highpoly.

I followed a concept by pugui2001的博客 (did I get that right?) and made my own alterations and tweaks as I went along, while still keeping the core design intact. I want to continue experimenting with handpainting in the future, but I can tell I will need a lot of practice. But at least for this project, that practice was half the fun.

Joseph stameus screenshot003
Joseph stameus screenshot002
Joseph stameus screenshot005
Joseph stameus screenshot004
Joseph stameus screenshot006
Joseph stameus

Original concept image