Voice of the Monolith

Voice of the Monolith was a student game project with four weeks production time. We were tasked with creating a game focused on exploration and environmental storytelling, with the theme "destruction". Our inspiration for the setting was the movie Dagon, which was filmed in a beautiful spanish village, presented as bleak and worn down in the movie.

For this project I created the larger buildings and landmarks, as well as some various rubble and props for set dressing.

Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00003
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00002
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00004
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00005
Joseph stameus centerpieces breakdown
Joseph stameus street meshes breakdown
Joseph stameus new monolith

Alternative Monolith design

Joseph stameus cupboards

Some unused furniture that didn't make it into the final level