Out of the Abyss

Out of the Abyss was a game project I did with other students at Future Games. It's a first person shooter where the player explores an underground city in search of powerups and new weapon modules, to eventually power through the horde of enemies to the elevator at the heart of the city.

My primary focus on this project was making VFX for the various weapon modes, such as basic explosions, cluster grenades and black holes. I also made various VFX assets for the game's enemies. Aside from my VFX work, I modeled props and some modular pieces for the environments.

Out of the Abyss VFX Reel

Joseph stameus capture4
Joseph stameus capture5
Joseph stameus capture3

First Person Weapon Model

Joseph stameus meshes01

Modular Pieces for building ramps and scaffolding, to be combined with other meshes

Joseph stameus meshes02

Props and decoration for the city level