Stylized Forest Asset Pack

These assets were created during a five-week environment art course, where the goal was to create a package of assets that could be combined and used in any number of ways to create new environments. Since I had worked with modular architecture before, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and try more organic shapes, and to try a more stylized workflow. The results were not always what I expected or wanted, but as a learning process, it was extremely valuable.

Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00043

Most of the assets combined in one piece

Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00051

Example scene with Hero Piece

Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00052
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00053
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00055
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00054
Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00056

Larger cliffs and rock formations

Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00058

Smaller single rocks

Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00057

Trees of various forms and sizes

Joseph stameus highresscreenshot00059

Foliage including grass, ferns, flowers and bushes